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J & J Tamez - An Oilfield Chemical Company in Texas

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J & J Tamez LLC is a 100% privately-owned oil & gas company in Texas. We are engaged in providing a range of chemical solutions to the industry engaged in the extraction of crude oil and gas from the earth’s crust. Our oilfield company in Texas offers the finest quality products for drilling, completion, and fracking of wellbores, capable of providing all types of assistance to the oil & gas companies to maintain their workflow. Each chemical solution service and the product is tested for quality and safety. Request Service Quotes from Us!

Here are a few places to explore.


  • Direct Inject Capability
  • 100 BBL Tank Capacity
  • Dual Agitation
  • Static Mixing
Here are a few places to explore.


  • Direct Injection
  • 100 BBL Capacity
  • Live Data Acquisition; Mobile Application Available
  • Touch Screen Operated; Air Actuated Valve System
  • Static Mixing

Our Services

Chemical Mixing Plants

Our oil & gas mixing plant offers customized chemical mixing services to maximize hydraulics, clean holes, lubricate, and reduce pressure. Our circulating and sweep tanks are big enough to mix chemicals of various amounts. They are attached with hydraulically controlled agitators to generate variable speed to mix chemicals…

Oil & Gas Chemical Test

Our oilfield company ensures to provide quality work. All chemical products we offer undergo stringent quality tests on various parameters. Thus, it reduces the risk of any casualty. Our expert laboratory testing services are offered to petroleum, natural gas, and petrochemical industries. Analytical testing services for crude oils, petrochemicals…

Fluid Management

Our advanced recovery techniques, like fluid management, are used to re-use abandoned wellbores. With the dewatering solution, we offer cost-effective removal and disposal of saltwater from the reservoir. The process reduces the pressure of the reservoir where hydrocarbons are released into the bore and extract more oil and natural gas than…

Completion Chemicals

Completion fluids are often the same fluids used for drilling. The purpose of the fluid is to increase the production flow of a wellbore by protecting formation damage. Both cementing additives and completion chemicals are part of the…

Frac Plug Drill Out Tools

All of our frac plugs were designed to check valves to provide zonal wellbore isolation. They are durable and capable of removing a blockage from a wellbore. They are easy to install, and the drilling crew faces no hassle to use…

Friction Reducer Fracking

Our friction reducer uses pressure during hydraulic fracturing treatments to reduce pipe friction. They’re designed for a continuous or a batch mix application. They are versatile to use in saltwater, freshwater, brines…

Well Stimulation

We are experts in providing well stimulation services to restore or enhance the productivity of a well. Our stimulation services fall into two categories- matrix and hydraulic fracturing treatments. After examining the site, we recommend the best…

To learn more about our services, email us at or contact us at 361-886-5400

Clients Say

BPX Energy

Ignacio Faz

J&J communication with BPX has been instrumental in finding solutions for our HPHT wells in Haynesville. J&J worked extensively in lab to find solution to our heavy brine completion fluid and successfully designed a chemical recipe for our operations. J&J has been proactive in finding new solutions, in an attempt to lower cost and improve efficiencies, both in the lab and out in field. From custom building brine tolerant equipment to custom building brine tolerant chemical recipe, J&J can provide a solution.

Z-A Consulting

Zac Hernandez

Responsive, knowledgeable hard working and quality products. These are a few keywords that come to mind working together with J&J Tamez on drillouts!

J&J Tamez LLC
Z&A Consulting

Brian Beauchemin

J&J has always done an outstanding job for us. Very impressed with their knowledge and problem solving ability. I’ve called them even when we had different vendors on location and they have come up with solutions and sent their chemicals out to help get us to bottom. Their hands are team players as well. Always willing to pitch in and help wherever needed. They are always my first call

J&J Tamez LLC