Smart Unit

Unrivaled Innovation

We understand the big picture of standard operations and strive in solving the most complex operational issues.

Our Advantage

J&J Tamez LLC brings unrivaled innovation to the oil and gas industry. Our “Smart Unit” Chemical Mixing Plants are true industry-leaders and are equipped with advanced technology. With industry-leading Smart Units, J&J Tamez LLC help our customers increase performance while reducing cost. This unit sets itself apart from our competitors and their outdated conventional units.

Smart Unit Features

  • Complete remote operable chemical mixing plant via smart phone
  • 2- 50BBL capacity tanks
  • Anti-overflow sensors
  • Dual agitation
  • Dual 14 bbl/min centrifugal pumps
  • Pneumatic butterfly valves
  • Direct inject static mixing
  • 5 – Chemical pumps
  • 5 – Chemicals flow meter
  • 2 – BBL Fluid flow rate

Live Data Acquisition System Features

  • Post job report recording
  • Real time chemical trend analysis
  • 5 – Chemical Flow Meters
  • Wellhead & Circulating Pressure Trend Analysis
  • Fluid Viscosity & Density Monitoring
  • Acoustic Sand Concentration Monitoring
  • Flowback Return Rate Monitoring
  • Down Hole Calculations
  • Frac Tank Level Monitoring
  • PH Levels, TDS, Conductivity, & Temperatures Monitoring
Smart Unit Chemical Mixing Plants

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