Hybrid Unit

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Our Advantage

J&J Tamez LLC brings unrivaled innovation to the oil and gas industry. Our “Hybrid Unit” Mixing Plant allows our customers to maximize chemical performance while aiming to reduce equipment costs. This model of mixing plant truly allows our customers to exceed traditional means of treating chemicals without breaking the bank. This unit sets itself apart from our competitors and their outdated conventional units.

HYBRID Unit Features

  • 110HP turbo charged 6-Cylinder Diesel Motor
  • 6x5x14 Fluid Centrifugal Pump 14BBL/Min pump rate
  • Dual 50BBL capacity mixing tanks
  • Venturi mud hopper
  • Dual hydraulic mixing agitator
  • *Optional* Direct Inject Chemical Pumps
  • 5 – chemical injection ports
  • Direct inject static Mixing
  • Hydraulic canopied roof
  • Fluid rate metering
  • Eye wash station
  • Chemical spill kit
Hybrid Unit Mixing Plant

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