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J&J Tamez LLC

Chemical Products Portfolio

Friction Reducers, Xanthan Gum Gels, HE-150,H2S Scavengers, Pipe on Pipe Lubricants, KCL Substitute, Biocides


Chemical Mixing Plants

Dual Centrifugal Pump, Stator-Rotor Homogenizers for Flash Mixing, Static Mixer in Jet Lines, Dual Compartment Mixing Tubs

Oil Gas Chemical Test

Oil &Gas Chemical Test & Analyst

We have an advanced oil & gas chemical lab, well equipped with all essential technologies required to examine rates, pH levels, volumes, pressure..

Chemical Filtration Services

Fluid Management

Did you know crude oil has to pass through many stages of filtration to prepare to be converted into engine fuel? Typically, the process starts..

Completion Chemicals

At JJTAMEZ, we are capable of meeting modern hydraulic fracturing requirements by using advanced engineering and environmentally..

Chemical Blending

We provide a complete custom solution for blending chemicals to meet your work standards, requirements, and values! At JJTAMEZ, we understand..

Frac Plug Drill Out Tools

At JJTAMEZ, we offer comprehensive drilling engineering solutions to the oil and gas industry. Today, it is possible to drill out..

Friction Reducer Fracking

At JJTAMEZ, we are mastered in a variety of fracturing fluid chemicals to optimize your operations with friction reducers to minimize..

Well Stimulation

We are a pioneer in providing the best well intervention services to improve the wellbore production by using Acid Injection, Manual..

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